Improve your movement, strength and power with this simple warm up routine!

Do you go in to the gym on your training days, bash out 10 minutes on the x trainer then follow that with some “rotator cuff” work and jump straight onto your working sets on the bench?
If so then you need to read on and discover how a proper warm up can revolutionise how you move, feel, but also how you’ll see further drastic improvements in your strength training programmes.
Here at CHP we like to use a RAMP warm up, not only is this warm up backed up by literature, but tons of athletes and clients alike feel, move and perform better by doing this type of warm up. Below we explain what’s involved in the RAMP warm up and chuck in a video to get you going tomorrow!
Raise Activate Mobilise Potentiate is what RAMP stands for, and it’s not uncommon for coaches to approach it in a sequenced approach. This is actually not necessary and we feel it’s far more productive to combine certainly the first three (RAM) into one solid movement series and bolt on the P at the end as a nice primer for the session ahead.
Why do we warm up?
The purpose of a warm up is to prepare the person mentally and physically for exercise. A well-structured warm up can increase muscle and core temperature as well as blood flow. The warm up should then have a positive effect on the following:
• reaction time
• strength and power
• muscle efficiency
• increased blood flow to active muscles
Now if the above isn’t a reason to drastically improve your first ten minutes in the gym then we don’t know what is! Multiply that by 2-3 per week, and add that up over a month and you’ve suddenly got over 2 hours of quality movement into your life….no brainer! Below we will outline a typical CHP RAMP warm up that you can utilise straight away…
• reach through x 8 es
• glute bridge with scapula slides x 8
• spider man with reach x 8es
• Banded SLDL x 10
• Inchworm ( with or without press up) x 6

• Flexion extension x 8
• Broad jump x 3 x 3
• KB swing x 6

Team CHP

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