What is Strength and Conditioning?


This is a topic that we’ve been meaning to discuss and get out in the open for some time now, but sometimes blogs are the last thing on your mind after a full day at work.

So, before we get to the meat and potatoes of what S&C is, we’d like to first discuss what it’s not.

  • S&C is not a mindless beasting or flogging of an individual in the hope that results and transfer of training will magically happen.
  • It is not a random selection of exercises thrown together to create a high energy expenditure, and a pool of sweat, resulting in mild annihilation.
  • It is not in any way dangerous.
  • S&C is not a program of constant maximal training loads, be it through resistance or speed.
  • It’s not a form of entertainment or circus trickery.
  • It is not a quick fix or fad that has entered the fitness industry to make a quick buck.
  • It is not something that can be administered without knowledge, and evidence based practice.
  • It is not the constant pursuit of hypertrophy and pure aesthetics.


Now that that we’ve cleared up what it’s not, it’s time to look at what it actually involves. We’ll start with a general look at S&C and then delve into the specifics as we go on.

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of an individual, and the role of a good coach is to utilise appropriate exercises prescription to bring about the desired improvements in performance. It isn’t just about picking heavy stuff up and putting it down again, it involves a holistic approach and what is actually needed to improve the physical performance of the athlete or client. A worthy coach is responsible for bridging the gap between the theory of training and how training is applied, all being done with a long term plan in mind.

So, nailing S&C down we’ve listed some take home pointers which are a little more specific.

  • It is a well structured program underpinned by theory and application of effective training.
  • All areas(if needed) such as strength, power, speed, plyometrics, flexibility and mobility, aerobic conditioning could be considered when programming an individual.
  • If planning for a sport, this must be looked at in detail to obtain key performance indicators that the individual needs.
  • A Screening process is put in place to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • S&C should complement the lifestyle of the individual.
  • An effective S&C program should bulletproof athletes from the chance of injury.
  • It is a method of preparation to perform at ones best.
  • It is a completely safe activity.
  • S&C uses consistent monitoring to ensure progress is being made effectively.


To sum up, the Strength and Conditioning we offer is not solely for athletes as we currently work with a huge variety of clientele.  That said, the above outlines how we approach and work with any individual with any aspiration. Ultimately, a good coach with the right tools and a systematic approach will ensure their client or athlete will progress safely and appropriately. CHP like to keep things simple, yet effective and use a minimum dose protocol to allow all their clientele sustainable progress.

If you are looking to take on a coach/trainer get in touch today. cornwallhighperformance@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, have a great day, team CHP.




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