Ive been really impressed with the work that Rob and Sam do. Definitely a strong professional air and training that I would describe as intelligent rather than just trying to hammer up through what you can lift or how fast you can go. My goal was to basically build up my effective strength and general conditioning for surfing and after 8 weeks the benefits are noticeable. The sessions are varied with clear goals and constant technique cues to also build up my awareness of what I’m doing.

Joel Gray, Surf Solutions, Cornwall.

I have been involved in the sport of lifesaving now for 7 years and after scooping 12 National golds and a World Championship silver, it was time to take my training up a notch and do something I had never done before. I approached Rob and Sam  , and they assessed me and my sport in detail and devised all my training in preparation for this years Nationals and beyond. I’m heading into to my final phase pre-competition and I’m fit, strong and healthy. My nutrition is dialled in and my flexibility  has improved. I am a better athlete now, and ready to compete.

Emily Theobald, Surf Life Saver, Cornwall.

  Professional surfing has been part of my life for many years now in the UK, and my talent has allowed me to scoop several British Titles. However, I always knew something was lacking in my game, so I approached CHP via a recommendation and the boys set to work with a thorough analysis of me and my sport. I’m 3 months into my training with them and I’ve never surfed better. I’m strong, agile, and more powerful, the European stage now beckons… These guys are awesome to work with and they really know their stuff.

Tassy Swallow, UK No 1 Surfer.

After five years of agonising pain in both knees that previous physios had labelled as growing pains, CHP quickly got to the specifics of the problem and sorted it with a thorough assessment process, some deep tissue massage and a wealth of informative advice.
Great value for money and always willing to answer any questions you might have, however inane. Would highly recommend.

Alan Hammler

I approached CHP with a combination of goals: firstly to decrease my 2000m split time on the rowing machine and secondly to gain strength in a limited time for a rock climbing trip at the end of the month. I was introduced to new concepts such as maximum aerobic speed (MAS), HIIT (?) programmes and variations of weighted exercises. The knowledge passed across in such a short space of time and has made me get the most out of my time in the gym. Over the years I have had advice from a number of trainers/coaches and the professional treatment that I have received from the guys at CHP is second to none.

Gareth Greeves

I approached  Cornwall High Performance In November 2013 and, through conversations with them, it became apparent that they had recently attended a lengthy course in strength and conditioning. I knew I needed to up my game with the world surf boat champs approaching in September 2014. I have trained my whole life but I felt I had become stagnant in my workouts. I needed some fresh knowledge and enthusiasm. The remit was extra power to weight ratio and I’d take care of the boat fitness. Through a detailed needs analysis, CHP found I was lacking strength and power in certain areas, and my thoracic and hip area were restricted.
Over the following months, targets were set and reached and my osteopath saw huge improvements in my mobility. My strength and  power output increased and, as a result, Porthtowan Surf boat crew won the World Masters surf boat title. Thanks CHP!

Nick Healey  Waterman and World Surf boat Champion