Personal Training

There are many reasons why people employ a Personal Trainer, however, it is certainly one of the best methods of achieving your fitness related goals. Here at CHP, we make sure all potential clients of any fitness level, age or those with special requirements can access our service.

CHP have the knowledge, qualifications, experience and passion to ensure you reach your goals and can be flexible to suit out of hours sessions if required.

We treat all clients in exactly the same manner – whatever your requirements you will go through a detailed assessment process, starting with body composition and static posture. From there, we will conduct muscle length tests and a movement analysis to establish if there are any deficits to work on.

Some basic performance testing, depending on ability, will then be carried out to determine a benchmark for your strength and aerobic capabilities. Following this assessment, the journey to a better you can begin, with effective programming and realistic goal setting.

We will motivate you to achieve and provide accountability to enable you to succeed in being the best version of yourself you can be.