Semi-Private Group Training

The coaches at Cornwall High Performance are now offering two semi-private group training packages called the ‘Game Changer’ and the ‘Mini Game changer’ where 3-6 individuals from a athletic or non athletic background, can access an exceptional  Strength and Conditioning service.

The Game Changer is a twelve week program but can extend to a full year if need be.  This highly motivating and  positive way of training allows a group of committed people to access a product designed to maximise their potential.

The Game Changer  starts with a strategy meeting to outline the program  and select training times. A thorough movement screening and performance testing allows the coaches at CHP to formulate effective and appropriate training plans for each individual, and it’s then that the journey begins. Within your group, you will train a minimum of twice a week, all under the watchful eye of Rob and Sam, but will also have some personal conditioning sessions to perform alongside this. A closed social media page will be set up just for your group so you can discuss anything you like with each other, but also ask the CHP team questions about your training, nutrition and recovery strategies.

The Mini Game Changer has all of its big brothers qualities and services, but the contact time with CHP coaches is reduced to one session a week. You will still train as a group during this session but will be encouraged to meet up and train with your counterparts for all your other self motivated sessions, which of course will be all planned by Rob and Sam. Re-evaluating your progress, answering any questions and offering constant support are all still part of this package.

You will be encouraged to support each other through your program as building relationships are a huge part of the CHP ethos.  You never know, you might just make a really good friend(s) whilst on the journey to monumental change.

Get in touch with us now via the contacts page on this website to organise your free strategy call.