Strength and Conditioning

Cornwall High Performance deliver sport performance training and programs to many of the County’s best athletes, youth and adult. We have forged a solid reputation through sound, logical assessment and training methods used widely in the world of elite sport. Our reputation in this field is leading the way in Cornwall for athletic development across a multitude of sports and as a result, CHP are unlocking athleticism everyday of the week.

Athletes and teams have approached us from all over Cornwall, and we have tasted world success twice now since the company was set up. We have and currently work with UK Pro Surfing, GB Surf Boat Rowing, Track and Field, Volleyball, Netball, Tennis, Football, and many more. All programs are based on individual assessment protocols, and a solid understanding of the sport in question to determine key performance indicators needed to prepare an appropriate and realistic systematic plan. We run off , pre, and in season programs for all our athletes, to ensure that appropriate preparation is carried out, and that injuries are reduced so that game day is all about the right performance.

Whatever your chosen sport is, Cornwall High Performance have a team of coaches that will ensure you deliver when needed. We will use years of knowledge, evidence based research, and a passion to succeed, that can’t be matched anywhere in the South West.

Get in touch today to access the following:

  • Athlete profiling to include: training history, anthropometrics, detailed movement screening.
  • Performance testing to include: Strength, acceleration, speed and agility. Maximum aerobic speed, vertical and counter movement jump for power.

Information from all of the above testing is used to appropriately plan your training to ensure that you move forwards effectively and injury free. From this profiling the following methods can be used when needed.

  • Strength training.
  • Power training using Olympic lifting or derivatives of.
  • Plyometrics.
  • Acceleration and speed training.
  • Maximum aerobic speed(MAS) training.
  • Multi-directional speed and agility.
  • Mobility and flexibility.