Youth Training

Cornwall High Performance offer Youth Strength and Conditioning for aspiring athletes from 8-18 years. The aim with the youth program is to enhance physical attributes needed for the sport in question, and working with the younger athletes in the county is no different.

The emphasis at youth level is on laying down the foundations for the future, and developing the young athlete at the appropriate rate so performance can be maximised. Correct movement patterns are an essential  start point with any youth program, and from this foundation, strength, speed and power can be developed correctly.

The coaches at CHP ensure that training is always appropriate for the stage of youth athlete development and that exercises within training sessions are carried out with the correct technique and that progressions are made accordingly. Initially all strength and power training at these ages will be performed using bodyweight only, progressing to medicine balls, cables, dumbbells and barbells. Agility and speed work will be implemented alongside accelaration and decelaration modalities.